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Thread: Denied since there are other files of the area?

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    Default Denied since there are other files of the area?

    Sorry for posting two "denied" issues - but since the reasons are quite different, I thought it would be best to split.

    This reject concerns a file covering POIs of the Vatican. The Denial Reason: "Sorry, there is allready a file of the Vatican, but you can open a discussion thread with your informations."

    Well, there are plenty of files covering Rome, each with its own focus. Discussion is nice, sure - but if you'd take a closer look at the file I posted, you find it's containing multiple POIs with photo, opening times, public transport connection, etc. It's not a duplicate of the other one, it's a complement. As many files here complement each other. So please, what is wrong with this? I found no closer information on "complements" here (and yes, I checked the rules). Could you please explain - or consider to revoke the denial (or both)?

    Best regards,

    P.S.: To make identification easier - the file id is 30888
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