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Thread: Makkah/Mecca (Overlay) discussion

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    Default Makkah/Mecca (Overlay) discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    Makkah/Mecca (Overlay)

    Image Overlay of Makkah and the Grand Mosque with thousands of people in it.

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    Besides the creator advertising their website on the map - I see no difference having this overlay or not.
    Anyone else?
    Am I missing something big?

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    I'm going to guess here, but most likely when the file was uploaded and approved into our file library (in August of 2005), the resolution in Google Earth was very low, so this overlay gave people a higher resolution image than was available.

    Since then, Google Earth has updated and the current imagery is actually sharper than the overlay.

    I will move the file to the outdated category.

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