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Thread: Australian War Memorials, Canberra discussion

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    Default Australian War Memorials, Canberra discussion

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    Australian War Memorials, Canberra

    Australian War Memorial and numerous other memorials, Canberra - A piece of history.

    Wikipedia: Canberra's 322,000 residents live in a planned city originally designed by Walter Burley Griffin, although the Burley Griffin design has now been altered significantly, notably by changing the location of Parliament House from the lakeside site Burley Griffin envisaged. The city is laid out on two major perpendicular axes, a water axis that stretches along Lake Burley Griffin, and a ceremonial land axis stretching from Parliament House on Capital Hill northeastward to the Australian War Memorial at the foot of Mt Ainslie. The area known as the Parliamentary Triangle is formed by three of Burley Griffin's axes, stretching from Capital Hill along Commonwealth Avenue to the Civic Centre around City Hill, along Constitution Avenue to the Defence precinct on Russell Hill, and along Kings Avenue back to Capital Hill. Many significant public buildings, such as the National Library and the High Court are located within this triangle.

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