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Romanee Conti, the unique vineyard

And so unique! here is the most expensive vineyard in the world, and, may be the most expensive field in the world, designated to agriculture activity.

from "this piece of land" of 18 000M2 square, each year,is produced around 6000 bottles of Burgundy vine named Romanée conti. One of the most appreciated and expensive as well.

to obtain only one bottle, it´s very easy...

You firstly must buy a box of twelve bottles. Only one of them is the Romanée Conti wine. The others are wines of the same producer, not so much appreciated and a little bit cheaper.

The most prestigious wine shops in the world are not allowed by the producer, to sell the Romanée conti as they want. It must be sold to the only best known clients of his shop. The reason is that the producer doesn´t want his wine to become a coleccionista product, but a most exclusive wine made for persons who know what they are drinking.

A little part of the 6000 bottles are also for the best restaurants in the world.

If you are interested to taste it, the price of a bottle is only of 1345€+ V.A.T. if the producer wants to sell you it, of course.

So, in conclusion, the value of this "piece of land" is a little more than 8 millions of Euros.