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Thread: windows 7 and GE

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    Thumbs up windows 7 and GE

    I downloaded the windows 7 beta and installed GE on it and it working with no issues. I'm running 1 GB memory, 2 GB Intel Duo, with a 256 MBnvidia 8600. As a matter of fact every software that I use is working perfectly with no issues. If you hated vista I think you'll love 7 or what ever they decide to call it

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    Yeah - Win7 is looking very good so far. I've been running it for a while now, and I'm rather impressed. I've seen very few software issues, and the driver problems seem to be easy enough to work around.

    The real strength of Win7 is its light resources footprint. I'm running it on two machines that I wouldn't dream of putting Vista into (one is a laptop with a 1.5 GHz processor and only 512 mb RAM!), and it runs lean and mean.

    I think Win7 stands a good chance on actually delivering on the promises that Vista made, but failed to live up to.
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    Default Windows 7 and Google Earth...

    I haven't had the experience others have had and I suspect it's my P4 1.7G IBM R32 laptop. I have 1 Gig of memory, but the program freezes and requests I use GL instead of Direct X which works great in XP. With GL it is impossibly slow when it does come up. I tried installing Direct X and it just doesn't seem to work. Everything else suprisingly works well and reasonable fast with Windows 7 so far and that shocks the crap out of me. Any suggestions?

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    Running Win7 on two PCs now, one as x86 and one as x64, no problems with GE5 (or GE4) on either, running C2D 2.4GHz with 3GB RAM on the x64 laptop and C2D 3.0GHz with 3GB RAM on the X86 desktop / studio.

    broy51: sounds like it might be an issue with your video card drivers, tried finding an update?

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