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Thread: Rectangle in Antartic?

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    Default Rectangle in Antartic?

    Warning, new user and poster!
    From what I have read here you all seem pretty good at figure weird things out. After several pages here and other web sites I have not found any references that relate to this rectangle in the Antartic (South Pole if you will). Is it just a repeating image clitch?

    sorry, not sure how else to link on here. the file works on my home computer but from googlehacks it takes me somewhere else. i am looking at 70'09' 51.25" S 87'50'35.91" E
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    Nothing at all wrong with a new User! Welcome to GEH!

    I'd say what you've got there is an Image Glitch, This can happen sometimes, Still, Good Find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GEH4EVR View Post
    I'd say what you've got there is an Image Glitch,

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