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Thread: print or save image in 2D: is deskewing possible?

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    Default print or save image in 2D: is deskewing possible?

    Hey there

    I've managed to get to the point where my overlay as well as my placemarks are in the right place. I even bought GM Pro so I can make hi-res prints / images.
    now the point is I basically want to print a rectangular form looking like this:

    But Google Earth only lets me print the 3D perspecive in a foreshortened way which looks like this:

    Is there an easy way to deskew the image back to the original rectangular form of the overlay jpg? Using Photoshop every time is quite an effort...

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    The best you can do is view it from exactly top-tow perspective. GE does not have the ability to change the projection on the fly.

    Matt Fox

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