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    Default unidentified stuff discussion

    This is a discussion thread for the following file:

    unidentified stuff

    You will enjoy trying to identify these things. Everything here is strange.

    After a survey of area and a little i-net digging I found out that this is the 3rd phase of Nevada's High Desert State Prison located at
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    Look like a military base.

    See at head of the runway (36░45'59.94"N 115░27'11.15"W) lookalike a military jet ready to take-off

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    GEC layer says it's bombing range for nuclear bomb testing. Buildings, planes, roads, etc are targets. My guess is it's just for regular bombs these days.
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    Default MOUT Complex

    It seems to be a MOUT Complex for test of air to groung weapon, an other view in this document
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    Default Nellis Target Range Updated

    In the 1999 view this Target Complex did not exist in its current form. This is a former Nuclear Target Circle. The Airfield Complex is carved over the former circle. There is a simulated Tactical Military Encampment NE of the Airfield above the Urban Complex.

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