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Thread: How To Stop Google Earth Updater

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    Default How To Stop Google Earth Updater

    I'd like to know how to "Stop GoogleEarth from Updating, again, and again.

    I recently Upgraded Google Earth from Version 4.3? to 5.0???? (Beta), and I'd like to know how to "Stop" Google Earth from Updating over and over. about every Ten minutes. The Firewall I use is Comodo 2.4, and I keep getting Pop-Ups asking me to Allow it to allow it to Update through the Firewall.

    I've Uninstalled the Updater, through the Program Uninstaller, Disabled the process in Services, and even Uninstalled the Updater C:\Program Files\Google\Update\ GoogleUpdateHelper.msi.

    On my other Machine, I've done the very same thing, with the exception that I've Uninstalled it with the Add/Remove option for Uninstalling Programs.

    Does anybody know how to "Kill" this Nuisance, or do I have to go through the trouble to Reinstall the Program??

    Edit: I finally had to "Totally Block" the Updater from running using the Firewall.

    Thanks in advance for any Input.

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