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Thread: Painted Desert Line

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    Default Painted Desert Line

    In midwinter last year I flew over the painted desert of Arizona at 35k feet and photgraphed the snow covered area with a straight line running through it for miles. I decided to see if this could be seen on Google Earth, and indeed it can be seen, starting at 35 degrees, 42 min north, and exactly 111 degrees west, running due north to 36 degrees, 17 min north, about 30 miles. It's not a Google Earth photo anomaly because I have my own photo of the same line in the same place in winter. I'm new at this site and haven't figured out how to upload my photo or a link to the Google Earth location, so you'll have to look it up by longitude, latitude. Any help in identifying this feature is appreciated.

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    Hard to tell, but would guess power lines or pipeline. You can see it much better on Yahoo Maps, but still hard to tell.

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