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    Default City Weather Data

    Weather Underground has a really cool stickers that you can place on your webpages to give your local city weather information.

    Attached is a KMZ file I made to attach this sticker to my location in Linz, Austria.

    1. Find your city weather using the Weather Underground search. Once on the proper page go about halfway down and look for "Free Weather Stickers for your Homepage".

    2. Click on this location and you will be taken to a page with many stickers to choose from.

    3. Click on the sticker of your choice and this will take you to a page where the HTML code for that sticker is posted. (this will be for only ONE location - you will have to do an individual search for each weather location you want).

    4. Mark and copy this code into memory.

    5. In GE, go to "Add, Placemark" for the location you wish and paste the code into the blank area in the Placemark box under "Description" and click OK.

    Now when you click on that placemark or it's description a window will open up with the weather info in a Weather Underground sticker. Not too sure when it is updated but it does change.
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