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Cardiff Castle

A Norman castle was built here in 1093 on the ruins of a Roman fortification. A motte was raised, topped by a wooden fort.

In the 12th century a twelve sided stone keep was built and a band of red stone separates the Roman and Norman stonework. The eldest son of William the Conqueror, Robert, was held captive at the castle by his youngest brother Henry I, and died here in 1134. In 1183 the castle was damaged during a Welsh uprising. During the 15th century a gateway and stairs were added.

Over the years the castle passed through many powerful families and eventually came under the ownership of John Stuart, Earl of Butte 1766. Between 1867 and 1881 the his grandson, the 3rd Marquess of Bute, employed William Burgess to construct an ornate mansion on the site. Burgess created a great palace in the style of a medieval castle. The rooms were designed with elaborately painted ceilings, marbled bathrooms and spiral staircases. The Banqueting Hall, the largest room, has a splendid wooden roof decorated with brightly coloured shields and walls painted with murals depicting scenes from the Civil War.

In 1948 the castle was presented in trust to the city of Cardiff.

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