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Thread: GE gone and can't re-install

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    Angry GE gone and can't re-install

    Google earth (GE) icon on my desk top (XP) disappeared awhile ago but remained on, I quess its called quick start (the icons on the left side of the pop-up box after clicking on the "start" button. That short cut button stopped working. I tried to start GE from the program menu, but failed. I tried down-loading google earth again from the google earth web sit...Couldn't. I uninstalled GE thinking that it might be blocking a new down load. When I try to down load GE 5.0 I get a error dialogue box stating there is a registry error 0x57 and to try downloading again. No luck. I tried a software to correct registry errors, but that hasn't worked. Because I uninstalled GE I probably lost my map pins but that's not important. I just want GE back!

    Problem solved: I was clicking on that big dialogue box for GOOGLE MAPS "Agree and download". This time I saw the "download the previous version" Windows: Google earth 4.3 at the bottom of my computer window. Tried it and it loaded just fine. I even got my map pins back...very strange. I don't know why 4.3 loads but 5.0won't.
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    Your registry has become corrupt. This is a bad thing.

    Can you do a system restore from an earlier date? If you can, and then you can successfully install Google Earth, then all is well. Try this first.

    If that fails, try the fine folks at, they are super friendly towards newbies with esoteric problems.

    Lastly, you can do a Google search for "registry error 0x57", there is a little bit of documentation out there, but it's mostly tech-heavy.

    To fix the registry error 0x57, you will probably need to make some changes to your registry. BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE MODIFYING IT!
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    I agree with what Appletom said, but I feel one thing must be stressed - messing with the registry is NOT for the faint of heart. Even a skilled geek can trash an operating system by making a misstep. Tread softly.
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