Allow me to begin by explaining what I am attempting to do. I am working on a project for the San Antonio River Foundation to develop a presentation of their recently completed works along the San Antonio River. They just completed a one mile Museum Reach where there is an art installation under each bridge underpass along this one mile stretch. Eventually, their works will encompass a full 15 mile stretch that will turn the San Antonio River into a linear park that will work like an outdoor museum with hike and bike trails, habitat restoration efforts, pocket parks, pedestrian bridges and much more.

What I have developed are sketchup models for each site where work has been completed. These models are very basic cubes with final images of each piece textured on each side of the cube and 3d text placed on top of the cube describing the artist, the title of the piece and the location of the piece. As of now, I am only working with 3 models.

I have imported all 3 and moved them to "My Places". I have also set up placemarks on specific points to view each side of the cube.

The problem I am having is that the images are changing. When I import the first cube, it works perfect. When I import the second cube, it seems to be in the right spot. It is when I am importing the third cube, that the images on the first cube are actually changing to the images on the third cube as well. The location of the first cube isn't changing but the images are. I have tried importing these models in a different order; I've tried clearing the temporary places folder before importing new models and I've tried reducing the size of the images on each of the models. All these attempts haven't changed the outcome.

I can send the 3 sketchup models if anyone would like to take a look. These are very basic models meant to be a part of a linear presentation where the viewer is taken to a spot on all 4 sides of each cube and then taken to the following cube and etc.

Eventually, the hope is that the presentation can include as many cubes as there are works along the river.

Please, help me in any way that you can.

Thank you.

Anish Joseph
Associate for Art & Architecture San Antonio River Foundation