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Worldwide Map of LDS (Mormon) Meetinghouses

This is an update to the first LDS (Mormon)meetinghouse map I posted here about 2 months ago. The first version of the map only showed the US and Canada; in this latest version, thousands of meetinghouses in dozens of countries can be seen, including most of the US and Canada, the UK, Scandinavia and Western Europe, Japan and Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, and most of the South Pacific, plus various other meetinghouses scattered throughout the world.

Please note that this is a map of LDS (Mormon) meetinghouses, not a map of LDS(Mormon) temples. There are tens of thousands of meetinghouses, but only about 125 temples.

This map is being built entirely by volunteers.

This map is updated quite frequently, almost every day in fact. Please visit the following website for updates to the map:

All the best,

Mark Cross