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Thread: Google Earth API and kml

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    Default Google Earth API and kml

    Hello there
    After a lengthy perusal of the online Google help, I am struggling to come up with the code that I need.

    What I am trying to do is create a webpage to store locally on my C: drive which will show a full size Google Earth window. Within this window, I want to look at a number of kml files stored locally, lets say called c:\trial.kml.

    I have found methods of creating a web page with just the Google Earth API which loads up a web-based kml file :

    However, I cant work out how to get the Google Earth window to be the full size of my web page, nor can I work out how to get the code to read the file c:\trial.kml.

    Can anybody please help??

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    Default You can't access a local file

    The Earth API doesn't allow you to access a local file through the API, it must be stored on an http server. That's standard JavaScript security. You'll get more support in the developer forum here:

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