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    RAF Yatesbury

    RAF Yatesbury is a former Royal Air Force airfield well known to many airmen who served in the Second World War. The airfield was first established in the First World War and was developed into a permanent camp in the interwar years especially from 1936 onwards before finally closing in the 1960s. Before closure the camp was home to the Radar and Wireless training school which transferred to Locking. The aircraft hangars and air strip, although now farmland, can still be seen from the A4.

    The buildings, site and surrounding area were featured in the video to the 1988 song "Doctorin' the Tardis" by The Timelords.

    There is an association for RAF Yatesbury
    The hangars and building are in the process of being refurbished.
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    I have only just seen this posting.

    I was stationed at Yatesbury from Dec 1958 to November 1960.

    Loved it there.

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