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Thread: I need a diff program to record...

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    Question I need a diff program to record...

    I am using camtasia to record google earth fly tos but it is really skippy. Any advice on how to fix this or maybe a program you have had good luck with?

    Edit: I think i just need to try to record on my desktop on home instead of my laptop.
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    I've had great luck with FRAPS in the past.

    Another key is how you do it. If I'm going to record some quick footage, I:

    -- Play it in GE a few times without recording to make sure it's all cached.
    -- Play it at a much slower speed than I plan to show -- 1/2 to 1/4 speed usually.
    -- After it's captured, I speed it back up in my video editing software.

    That smooths out a lot of the bumps. Of course, if you're wanting to do a long video or add real-time narration, the slow/speed option won't help. Still, giving it time to pre-cache will help, as will using your best PC (like you said).

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