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Thread: Return of the Oceans

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    Default Return of the Oceans

    I wanted people to know about this. The oceans have returned, and it looks like Google has struck a good compromise for all of the users.

    In the default image view, you'll continue to see trimmed coastlines. This was done in part (from reports I've heard) so that people making movies or using animations on TV news shows (etc) would have a clean, neat image to show.

    With their last update, though, the History Feature has begun to once again show us the untrimmed ocean images. This means that many of the placemarks that were put into Outdated areas can be moved back out once their placemark is saved with its snapshot set to the correct history date. For instance, the Russian submarine underway off the northern coast is once again visible with the history feature.

    Another GOOD note to make is that NEW IMAGERY will continue to show up in the History Feature. It's an odd way to phrase it, but let me explain. I noticed in the most recent update that there was a spurious new tile indicated in the Arabian sea. That's odd since it would be trimmed out because it's far from the coast. When I realized the ocean appeared in the History section, I went over and checked. Indeed! The brand new image (from 2009, even) doesn't show up in the default view but it DOES show up in the History Feature.

    Those people who like to look for ships and submarines and aircraft underway on/over the water can return to their hobby if they use the history slider carefully.
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    Default It is good experience

    It is a good experience to use google earth.You can jump over the oceans.Amd directly go to the country you want.

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