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Thread: Roads layer dont appear.

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    Default Roads layer dont appear.

    Cant get roads data to appear, it were working always but today it, does not show anymore, though all other layers including traffic work.

    The icon in lower right corner simply show no activity when i check roads layer for any part of globe.

    Clearing cache does not help, also changing OpenGL/DirectX and safe mode does not fix problem, waiting for any advice.

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    JohnLara - welcome to GEH.

    The roads layer shows up just fine here. Since that is data streamed from Google, not sure what would be causing your problem. Can you try to recreate on another computer?
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    Something might not be stable with GE. I was frustrated last night that the Populated Places weren't showing up anywhere. I tried everything I could to get them to show up. I am fairly certain I even restarted GE, although I didn't reboot my computer.

    After powering up today, it's working fine again. If you try restarting GE, JohnLara, and it doesn't fix it I would try to reboot your computer.

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