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Thread: Seeing underground in Google Earth?

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    Exclamation Seeing underground in Google Earth?

    Hello all,

    Im a geologist in training studying a bunch of stuff, wishing there was a way I can see underground with Google Earth. My idea is to have a "window" perpendicular to the surface that you can activate to see the layers of the ground. it would be cool to adjust it to see the whole earth like cut in half and stuff if you zoom all the way out.

    I know alot of data would have to be entered but hey, thats my job to make the layers with Google SketchPro would work. can it be done?

    anywho, just a wish

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    Welcome to GEH bodhi1320. Considering that the Google Earth team has added the universe, the moon, planets, undersea, buildings and more to Google Earth, I think your idea has merit.

    For the best coverage, you should post your idea at the Google Earth Support site and at the Google Earth Community site.

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