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Thread: Selling KML files

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    Default Selling KML files

    I can't be the only person to have asked this yet numerous searches here and the GE Community brought up nothing. I have created a couple of KML files that have points of interest marked out for aviation enthusiasts. I haven't uploaded them for distribution yet (free or otherwise). My question is, can I sell these KML files? I assume the files are my property but any prospective user would need to have Google Earth in order to use them and I would specify this. Is this acceptable or do I need to request permission from Google?

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    I would read the Google Earth TOS very carefully. Maybe you need to use the Professional version of Google Earth in order to create .kmz or .kml files that will be sold? I don't know, just thinking of an example.

    Again, read the TOS then read them again.

    However, the internet if full of websites selling templates for MS Word, actions for Adobe Photoshop, backgrounds for PowerPoint, so I don't see any problems with selling the kmz files.

    Let us know how it goes, I would like to see the website you have for selling placemarks.

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    KML is open source. So I can't imagine any reason Google would care what you did with a KML file. You create a kml file and it's your intellectual property protected by copyright. At least that's my understanding. Let us know if you find out otherwise.
    Matt Fox

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