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    Hi Mickey.

    Again I was thinking of a category, this time:

    Nuclear Facilities, Test Ranges

    Split it up and rename Nuclear Facilities to Power Plants - Nuclear, Fossil, Solar power and Wind energy.

    Fossil and solar plants are placed in Other Items.

    Rename Test Ranges to Test Ranges/Military Facilities

    Then add following categories:


    Communication, Weather, Atronomy Items - TV Towers, Radars, Antennas, Telescopes etc.


    Ship Yards / Cranes

    Statues and Fountains


    This will also thin out Other Items too. All suggestions placed under Sightseeing Other

    Then new categories under Sightseeing: Buildings these new categories:

    Castles, Manors and Citadels

    Theatres, Concert Halls, Circus'

    That will clear up Other Famous Buildings

    If more I'll let you know.
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