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French Foreign Legion barracks in Castelnaudary

The 4th Foreign Regiment (4e RE) is the crucible of the French Foreign Legion. It is stationed at Castelnaudary since 1976, the date of its arrival from Corsica. It is not projectable in operation.

This is the training regiment of the Foreign Legion. This is where recruits are trained volunteers, during a cycle of 17 weeks in one of the CEV (companies committed volunteers). This is particularly for those foreigners to learn french through the "white cap" once and "Mauger" today.

In pairs or trinomials (depending on the number of Francophones), one French, the future legionaires acquire the basics of french never use their mother tongue.

After joining the trust their bodies, they still return to the "crucible of the Legion" to follow any training specialist (cook, nurse, transmitter, computer, engineer, sports instructor, secretary, driving) to the CIS (Company instructional specialists).

Then, during their first contract, they return the EGF effecuter (Basic training) to earn their stripes as corporal and, for the best, the FG1 (general 1st degree) that will pave the career NCO . These training managers (as well as specialist training 1st level fighter and prepare for general training of 2nd degree, shall be made to the CIC (Company instructional frameworks).