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Thread: Looking for feedback comparisons

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    Default Looking for feedback comparisons

    Hi folks,

    Some time ago I posted a link to our city's current web-map which is still in production.

    Link Here: my post count is too low to add a link but the addy is

    I've developed a new map which does not use the google earth plugin and would like to get some comparison views for anyone who can or will take the time to review our BETA map in production.

    Link Here:

    Looking for feedback in reference to how each map compares, the good and bad; did you find the Google Earth version more user-friendly?

    I appreciate anyone who can take the time.

    Best Regards,

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    I don't have time for an in-depth comparison (wish I did, I love that kind of stuff) but I would like to point out that your choice of label colors (dark green text with a fluorescent green stroke, then blue/blue when you zoom closer) is a bit harsh and can be difficult to read. At least for these 50 year old eyes.
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    I spend a lot of time looking at different municipal GIS systems. I spent a few minutes with both of yours.

    Google Earth - Window is too small. Would be better to combine some of the layers. For example, turn on all the zoning at once instead of individually. Navigation is better than the other version. No property search ability.

    Non-Google Earth - More traditional and typical of what most other cities use. Property search feature is useful, but not in the GE version.

    I think both have advantages and disadvantages. Not sure one is clear winner over the other.

    Matt Fox

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    Default Thanks for reviews

    Thanks to both for your quick reviews. Sums up with other groups I've asked the same of. Again thanks.

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