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Thread: Stealth in China !!!!! and Rock Hangar

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    Thumbs up Stealth in China !!!!! and Rock Hangar

    38 29'10.17" N 106 01'09.25'' E

    Buildings made like Stealth !!!!

    To The North West of the AirBase there is a Rock Hangar
    and you can see the volume of the deposit outside the Rock Hangar - and some helicopters on the outside: This is a real interesting AirBase.

    Roald Atle Furre
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    I followed the coordinates and was having a huge "Huh?" moment until I realized the two buildings are shaped like the stealth bomber.

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    Default rock hangar

    at 38░30'15.74"N 105░59'47.97"E

    chinese area 51 ??????? what do THEY hide inside that !!!

    rather old post...
    I am a newbie posting

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