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Thread: Target on building discussion

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    Default Target on building discussion

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    Target on building

    Saw this target on top of a building while looking around O'Hare in Chicago. I checked to see if this is a Target Dept. store, but it doesn't show up as one.

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    I've seen other Target Department stores that have that on their roof. Maybe it's an administrative building for them or something?

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    Default It is a Target store

    This is the Target store at 7000 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont, IL. Not Chicago proper, so it was harder to track down. Wonder if it is really worth it for them to put the logo on the roof?

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    There's one by the Atlanta airport as well...close enough to the runway that you are low enought to see it at an oblique angle and can therefore see the front entry to the store.

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