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    Default Streetview Location error

    The files Lærdals tunnel - West entrance and Lærdals tunnel - East entrance of the newly released Norway streetview is submitted to the streetview section.

    The first state that file Location is Hirtshals, Denmark and the second that it's located in Trollhättan, Sweden.

    Beside that we before this saw the start and end of The world's longest road tunnel, it has now expanded from 24,5 km to 158 km of tunnel!! I am sure that Norwegians would be a bit disappointed to see that this 158 million dollars tunnel, now only 1000 dollar per meter, before 6500 dollars per meter, now has it's exit in Denmark and Sweden. Well it could be a drilling error and miscalculation, but then it must be one of the major ones in present time .

    Am I the first to submit a streetview file from Norway to GEH?

    Lærdals tunnel - West entrance
    Hirtshals, Denmark

    Lærdals tunnel - East entrance
    Trollhättan, Sweden
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