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Thread: Strange green bag/bucket covers cameras in two separate Montana towns (Street View)

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    Question Strange green bag/bucket covers cameras in two separate Montana towns (Street View)

    In Google Maps if you go to Ronan, Montana and drag the Street View icon to anywhere along the "main drag" there the street view will be of nothing but a bright green blob, like the inside of a bag or bucket. If you drag the icon about a half mile out of town, either north or south, it goes back to being the regular view of the street/countryside.

    Then, 175 miles away (or 4 hours and 22 minutes) in Wisdom, Montana the same thing happens again. In the center of the town, street view is obstructed by a green something-or-other covering the camera. Drag the icon a half mile or so out of the town center and it goes back to normal.

    I haven't found any other instances of this but I'd be willing to bet those aren't the only two areas like that.

    So, how does it happen that two tiny and remote towns almost 200 miles apart are both randomly blocked from view by a green bag/bucket thing in Street View? Anyone got any ideas?

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    Hi Scotchtape.

    Ther is only one explanation. The SV driver has started the camera but not taken the hood, or in this case any other cover off. Then it looks like this. We have earlier also seen they used a normal shopping bag.

    Here are other examples:

    Here caught with hood on while driving:

    Welcome to GEH. You are welcome to add your finds in our SV section.

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