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Thread: Alexandre Dumas birthplace Chateau de Noue discussion

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    Default Alexandre Dumas birthplace Chateau de Noue discussion

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    Alexandre Dumas birthplace Chateau de Noue

    Alexandre Dumas, père was born here on July 24th. 1802.,_p%C3%A8re

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    Default Alexandre Dumas' birthplace

    yes, A. D. was born & raised in the town of Villers Cotterets but he was not born in the Chateau de Noue, nor did he ever live there. he lived in a house, on what is now called Rue Alexandre Dumas..go figure.., that was owned until about 20 years ago by the Angot family.
    being a poacher he probably did visit the grounds, the farm ( la ferme de Noue) and the woods ( les fonds de Noue) and he based some of his more colorful characters ( according to one of the curators of the Musee Dumas) on the past residents of the Chateau.
    Jehan S comte de Noue
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