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    Default What is this?

    My wife found this one afternoon. It appears to have water in the center, surrounded by some type of silver metal covering. If it had a shadow, I would swear that it was somethng alien in the air.

    It is on the Big Island of Hawii, on the western slope of the volcano.

    19░ 24.607'N
    155░ 45.004'W
    It appears to possibly be a feedng trough for cattle, or possibly a barn. Not sure, but certainly very strange looking. It is accessable by some dirt roads, but far away from any other structures by at least 8 to 10 miles. There appears to be some paths leading to and from the structure. However, we can't see any evidence of cattle, or anything else near it.

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    If you turn on the Google Earth Community layer, you'll find several discussions about this object. Seems to be some kind of reservoir for cattle ranch. Odd thing is it hasn't changed one bit in 7 years. So I think the real mystery is what is the silver lining. After 7 years in the Hawaiian heat, it should be deteriorating.
    Matt Fox

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