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Thread: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, Streetview edition.

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    Default Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, Streetview edition.

    It's been a seriously long time since we had a weekly/daily puzzle series going on at this website. So in light of that, I shall see if we can get another going. No "real" prizes...(yet). Previously we had the winners provide the next thing to find, but someone who won always ended up forgetting they needed to post a new image. For now I'll post all the images and see how it goes.

    I'll keep a running score and whoever hits a certain score first wins. Basic rules: I post an image of a streetview every Friday (probably around noon est), and people guess what/where it is. A clue is provided to help. If nobody has guessed right in a day, another clue will be provided, etc. If nobody has guessed it in a week, I'll reveal the answer and start a new puzzle. After 5 people have guessed correctly, a new puzzle will begin. Generally I'll post a new image on Fridays, but if it's been solved by the next Friday, I'll post an additional one (up to three images a week).

    To provide everyone an opportunity to find the location, please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME a link to the streetview file ( Top left corner under the moving spider). If it's within the correct general area (or looking at the correct object) I will consider it correct. This thread will be locked/closed, so PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. I will make an update when people win, when the first 5 have won, and then provide the next puzzle. A breakdown of scoring is below (see attached image).

    (If you don't understand the theme, "Carmen Sandiego," it was a children's tv show and game about finding Carmen Sandiego throughout the world.

    AND SO IT BEGINS (first one's easy):
    CLUE: The 255-0-0 One
    IMAGE: puzzle1.JPG
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