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Thread: GX:Tour Problems in real time animation.

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    Default GX:Tour Problems in real time animation.

    Can anyone help me with three problems that I have come up against with (gx:Tour) code!!

    1. If you open up the attached kmz file: (Heathrow 27R Base Leg) and run the tour by clicking the camera icon named Run Flight then the button which has just changed from a folder into a camera, you will see my first problem. It is to do with Layers. This animation runs for 4min 10sec and is accurately scaled for altitude, speed, time and distance. Within a short time you will notice that if you have several layers turned on (Places, Borders and Labels, roads etc) that all layers with the exception of the Borders and Labels are below the plane. This looks a bit silly with the place names passing over the aircraft. Any ideas on how to reposition either the labels layer or the placemark layer?

    2. The second kmz file: (Land 27R) 5min 10sec, takes the animation in real time from the I-RR D7.5 outer marker to the runway threshold and on down the runway. Notice the problem at the end. Anyone know how to slow the duration down so that it gently comes to a halt not abruptly as shown?

    3. The second kmz file: (Land 27R) 5min 10sec, as you will have noticed is in-fact the second leg of the first file. The bit that is missing the banked turn around the outer marker should join both parts together. I do not want to use time stamps, but the
    gx: tags. Can anyone help me with a solution to produce one joined up doc.kml file?

    thanks in anticipation!!!
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    I'm not sure, but I'm bumping this to hope someone with more knowledge of tours can chime in.

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