How would one play a tour file when starting google earth, and have google earth stop / exist at the end of the tour? what I'd be looking for is:

  • a command line option to specify the tour file when starting google earth
  • have some control over the window size google earth opens up in
  • have google earth wait for all the 3D building models to load before starting the tour
  • go through the tour, with possible pre-loading everything
  • when the tour is done, exit google earth

I seem to be able to make google earth start down a path file, if I specify it on the command line. but, pre-loading is not achieved for the file at hand

the end goal I want to reach is to be able to record a video of a path, without using Goolge Earth Pro. recording can be done by capturing the OpenGL window of Google Earth using yukon, on a Linux box.