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    Default Various updates to 45 degree imagery

    I decided to highlight some of the new(er) 45 degree imagery in Google Maps. You no longer need to enable anything for it to appear because it's no longer in beta. Sometimes the imagery takes a moment to show up, but it will flip to the 45 degree view. Also, if you prefer to not see this view, you can toggle it using the menu on the right of the frame. There are other cities in California that have had the imagery for quite a while now, so there's not a big point in listing them again.

    Remember this one? Recording an episode of "Trauma". Some people have thought this was an emergency exercise. In reality people are recording the Thanksgiving 2009 episode of the US show Trauma. The episode was titled "Thank You" and aired 11/23/2009. This section was about an airplane forced to make a landing at Alameda and subsequently crashing.

    -- Tuscon Arizona --
    Davis-Monthan AFB
    Military CH-53 Stallion in flight
    B-1 Bomber
    (there are plenty of aircraft all over the base and boneyard so, I'll stop with that one)

    Pima Air Museum
    Small aircraft seconds from touchdown

    -- Norfolk, Virginia -- (taken May 11, 2010)
    S-606 Perle, a French submarine
    LCS-2 Independence
    LCS-1 Freedom (actually over at Little Creek)
    CVN-77 George HW Bush and CVN-75 Harry Truman
    LHD-7 Iwo Jima and LHD-3 Kearsarge
    Los Angeles class submarine
    Nuclear submarines in dry dock (the largest to the south is an Ohio class missile sub)
    SH-60 Seahawk in flight
    Another SH-60 Seahawk in flight
    Cessna Citation jet landing at Norfolk International (new)

    Other cities, mostly just to point out that they have this imagery:
    -- San Antonio, Texas --
    The Alamo
    US Air Express aircraft landing (new)
    Light aircraft taking off (new)
    C-17 Globemaster III, KC-135 Stratotanker, and KC-10 aircraft at Kelly AFB (new)
    Small aircraft taking off at Stinson Municipal
    -- Austin, Texas --
    Southwest Boeing 737 landing (new)
    -- Salt Lake City, Utah --
    Downtown Salt Lake City

    EDIT: New additions
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    E-6 Mercury (airborne command post and communications relay)
    V-22 Osprey

    EDIT #2: Latest additions
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    B-52 and B1 Bomber, KC-135 and KC-10 refuelers, and E-3 Sentry

    EDIT #3: Latest additions
    New Orleans, Lousianna
    LPD-22 San Diego, a San Antonio class amphibious transport dock
    Stern Paddlewheel Boat "Creole Queen"
    Stern Paddlewheel Boat "Natchez"

    EDIT #4: Van Nuys
    Skycrane heavy lift helicopter
    Grob D-500 Egrett II (high altitude research motor sailplane)
    Super-yacht Carinthia VII in Venice

    EDIT #5: New California areas
    Civilian helicopter in flight
    The same helicopter practicing maneuvering
    The same helicopter practicing more maneuvering
    March Field Museum (outdoor airplane exhibit)
    B-17 "Aluminum Overcast"
    Velocity SE kit plane
    US Coast Guard C-130
    CH-21 Shawnee/Workhorse helicopter
    Aerospace Museum California
    P-51 Mustang at Hollister Municipal
    Swank Farms crop maze
    Small aircraft leaving Gillespie Field
    Small aircraft just lifting off
    Aircraft hulk collection at Gillespie Field
    SBD Dauntless and Curtiss Wright Travel Air 4000 biplane at Montgomery Field

    Edit #6: Miramar
    CH-53 Stallion hovering
    F-18 Hornets on the tarmac
    C-5 Galaxy
    F-15 Eagles on the tarmac

    Edit #7: Portland
    Alaska Air 737 on approach

    Edit #8: (these are also in my main instructional post in General Discussion)
    Virginia Beach:
    A flock of birds over F-18 Hornets at Naval Air Station Oceana
    Omega Aerial Refueling Services tanker. One of only two civilian B707 refueling tankers.
    F-18 that just landed.

    Salt Lake City, Hill AFB
    C-130 and some A-10 aircraft
    A row of F-16 Falcons
    F-16 painted with the Thunderbirds scheme (they are the US Air Force aerobatic demonstration team)

    Los Angeles Area

    Airbus 380 at LAX
    Party at the Playboy Mansion

    The Goodyear blimp
    747 Leaving LAX
    American Airlines on rotation as it takes off
    Air Canada aircraft taking off
    American Airlines ready for takeoff

    Chino, CA

    Take a look at these airplanes for instance.
    A row of Saab Draken fighters (with a Mig 15 or 17 and a Fouga Magister.
    A restored British naval fighter. Wildcat or Hellcat perhaps.
    A large collection of airplanes being restored
    A collection including an AN-2, F-104, F-86, and an F7F-3 Tigercat

    Edit #9 (June 12, 2011)
    Fort Worth
    F-35B Lightning II (the dark circle behind the cockpit is the location of the STVOL "LiftFan" for vertical landing)
    A pool used as a location at the end of the movie "Logan's Run"
    Small plane taking off from Fort Worth Meacham
    DC-3 at Meacham
    F-105 Thunderchief at Meacham
    F-14 Tomcat at Meacham
    F-111 Aardvark
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