wanted to put together some nice directional 3d placemarks near ground level and string them together to create a walk.

However the hopping/lurching can make it look like you are taking your "walk" with your arms around the neck of a demented giant bunny rabbit. The use of "Camera" tags makes it even worse. I discovered that as long as you keep the long/lat fixed, and generate your walk with modifications of range, tilt, and heading, you can do away with the tilting.

I have made a simple perl script which helps out. (is there an easier way I missed?)

1) first make your placemarks in the middle of various paths and thoroughfares from sky level - save it as auto1.kml [or modify the script to expect a different input]
2) run the script processAuto_v3.pl and this will choose a center point (unless one is explictly indicated by calling it 'center')
3) the output uses trigonometry to turn the collection of lats/longs into a collection of range/heading/tilt about center lat/long.

The output file will be named auto1_tour.kml.

Rename input points to pick a different center, rerun the script and you will get a walk over the same paths but looking in a different direction.

The thread/file through the link below visits various areas in epcot Futureworld.