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Thread: KML NetworkLink - httpQuery question

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    Default KML NetworkLink - httpQuery question


    I am trying to manually download a kmz file that Google Earth uses to retrieve information. In the relevant kml file there is the NetworkLink node which specifies the link, refresh time, etc. The node is structured as below:

    - <NetworkLink>
    - <Link>
    <href>****[actual link here]*****.kmz</href>
    <viewFormat>w=[bboxWest]&s=[bboxSouth]&e=[bboxEast]&n= [bboxNorth]&r=[lookatRange]</viewFormat>

    My problem is that when I copy/paste the link under <href> in a web browser I get a 404 error, resource not found. I have been able to simply copy/paste the link in the web browser in the past from another source and directly download the kmz file but it doesn't seem to be the case now. I am wondering if the information under httpQuery affects the request?

    Is there a way to see exactly what requests Google Earth is doing? Maybe I will then understand exactly the format of the request that I need to make? Or maybe somebody else has a better idea.

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    That's a fairly advanced question. You might have better luck getting an answer in the KML Google Groups.
    Matt Fox

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    definitely it depends on the httpQuery. there should be some reference to that gv tag in network link that is put in the url(href).

    presently i am trying to find a way to cache these data of kml link offline. so that i can view these even when i am offline. just the way google earth caches imagery data for offline use. but no luck so far. kindly reply back if you have any idea how to achieve this.


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