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Thread: Fog Overlay trick

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    Cool Fog Overlay trick

    I created a way to simulate fog. You add this image overlay at a certain location and you get it.

    What is fog useful?
    • Make pics look more natural
    • Helps appreciate distance
    • Helps when trying to place photos

    1. Download this PNG image:
    2. Open GE and zoom out so you can see everything in, say 200km.
    3. Create an "image overlay" with the downloaded image.
    4. Move the center of the image to the place where you want to observe from.
    5. Stretch the image so it is big enough to cover the horizon, say 200km. The larger size, the weaker the effect is.

    Now zoom in to ground level, look at the horizon and you're done.

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    Interesting first post. Welcome to GEH!

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    i want to integrate the gogle earth with my web site does it show me the weather updates on my web site.i tryied a lot but failed to upload it please let me informed about it how can i do that.

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