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Thread: ArcGis KMZ with google earth

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    Default ArcGis KMZ with google earth

    Hello all, i am searching the web to do something a bit specific that
    i have no idea if its even possible.
    i am using arcGis 10.0m.

    i have several coordinates with different values, all in a table, and
    when i export the data to KMZ, it shows on GE a green dot, and when i
    click the green dot it expands into all the other green dots, and then
    i have to click on each one individualy to see its data. I would like
    to know if its possible to just click on the first dot, and show the
    table with all the data from all the "inside dots". I hope i made it
    clear enough.

    The problem is that i have zero experience with arcgis,or anything
    like this. I am an informatics engineer that has been asked to help a
    co worker, someone who uses this software to find if this is possible.
    I have been searching but its kind of a complex question, and i have
    to dedicate lots of time to understand everything around this to maybe
    find a propper solution, if there is one. Im searching first for a
    simple answer from someone experienced.

    Thank You in advance.

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    From what you are describing, it sounds like many of the data points have the same lat/lon coordinate. There is no way for GE to automatically do what you want it to do. You would need to combine your data before importing it into ArcGIS. So instead of data formatted with "lat,lon - data" such as:

    1,1 - Data X
    1,1 - Data Y
    1,1 - Data Z

    You'd convert the 3 lat/lon data points to a single lat/long data point
    1,1 - Data X,Y,Z

    That might be tricky to do, depending on the format of your source data.
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    You can't achieve what you're asking. While GE is, technically, a GIS application, it's not the sort you're looking for. GE doesn't deal in tables the way you need. GE uses kml, which you can easily look at with any text editor out there. Doing so will educate you as to why you can't use GE to look at tables. ArcGIS uses shapefiles and geodatabases. I think you're talking about shapefiles (which are an open format. Geodatabases are closed). Shapefiles have databases attached to them (in .dbf format), which comprise the 'tables' you're talking about. Google Earth doesn't understand or care about them.
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