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Thread: Track tour auto-heading (and bank?)

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    Default Track tour auto-heading (and bank?)

    Hi all,

    Is there currently a possibility in GE to create a tour from a track *but* follow it automatically with the Flight Simulator or in a any mode which uses the original heading of the track, and possibly a bank angle corresponding to the turn radius? I'm trying to recreate flights by using recorded GPS data and I'd rather follow a track with a view from the cockpit than from what is essentially a fixed bank angle (in the Preferences) and an arbitrary heading (which GE slowly interpolates).

    I know it's possible to follow a track manually with the Flight Simulator but I'd like the tour to do so unattended, keeping the original duration and speed.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Default Track tour auto-heading (and bank?) -- I Would Like To Do The Exact Same Thing


    I just registered for this Forum and searched for my question. This is how I phrased it in an inquiry to the Google Earth team:

    "I've just started uploading my GPS tracks from my private flights into GE. How can I fix the camera angle so that it better reflects what the pilot sees out the front of the airplane? I recently flew in the mountains and I'd like to see what it looks like from the pilot's perspective, not the default GE view from above. I also tried using the flight simulator feature but the controls aren't sensitive enough to accurately follow my actual track. What I would like is the perspective of the flight simulator coupled with the automatic track following capability of GE. Is that capability available either within GE itself or with third-party software?"

    Does anyone have an answer?



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    One of our mods, T.Dooley, is a master at tours. Hopefully he can pop in soon and answer your question.

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    Hi Bob and welcome to GEH.

    Since you mention that your source is your flight GPS track I assume it would end up in Google Earth (GE) as a track, also called a path. In GE those type of objects has a 3-dot icon.

    There are 2 major issues that affect your experience if you 'play' a track.

    1) The angle you view towards the ground.

    If you want a view that 'points' forward 'out into the horizon' change the GE viewing angle to a least 80 degrees. To adjust viewing angle, choose menu 'Tools', 'Options', Click the tab 'Touring' and change the 'Camera Tilt Angle' to (above) 80 degrees. The default is 60 degrees.

    2) The height above ground of your track.

    A track is often as default 0 meter/feets above earth relative to ground. A better experience can be to lift the track a distance above ground.
    This is done by marking the track, editing the properties, in the 'Altitude' pan, choose 'relative to ground' and give an altitude of for example 200 meters / 600 feets.

    Press OK, mark the track and press the 3-dot 'play' button. Enjoy the flight over the area of your track. For an example of tracks modified as mentioned, you could look here

    Hope this helps
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