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Thread: version 5 & 6

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    Default version 5 & 6


    My first post so I hope this is the correct forum.

    I have windows XP and a HP compaq laptop.

    I currently have version 4 of google earth. Everytime I update to version 5 or 6, while it runs for a couple of minutes, it crashes again and again. It crashes so much I have had to completely remove these versions and reinstall version 4 to become stable again.

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated, I would really enjoy the new updates.


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    Welcome to GEH wilfros. I can't think of anything that would cause version 4 to work and versions 5 or 6 to not work. Have you tried changing the graphics mode from OpenGL to DirectX or vice-versa? (I know, it's a shot in the dark.) There's also a check mark under the graphics mode for "Use safe mode".

    Interesting thread here recently about how people were liking version 5 better than version 6. Seems some of the improvements are more like a step backwards.

    But 5 is much better than 4, hope you get it working.

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