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Thread: 767 over London?

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    Default 767 over London?

    767 over London?
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    The winglets look more like Airbus tips to me. British Airways has not refitted any of their Boeing 757/767 aircraft to have winglets, so I suspect it's more likely to be an Airbus 321.

    Since London imagery is from another aircraft, the sizes are distorted heavily even for aircraft that might be getting ready for a turn onto final approach. The body looks odd too, possibly stretched in the direction its traveling. Still, with the size inaccuracies I'd still lay odds it's likely an Airbus 321.

    There's my opinion anyway.

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    I also think this is a 767, I don't think its a 777 as the wings aren't wide enough IMO.

    Airbus aircraft tend to be more narrow and sturdy.

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