I have searched Google and these forums for a solution to my problem, but have found nothing specific to help me.

I have GE Windows XP. I have had no previous problems with my KMZ files until this week. Just a few files will cause GE to crash/close with no messages - it just closes. I created these files some time ago and they have displayed 100% ok the last time I viewed them some months ago. Unfortunately my backed-up files also suffer the same crashing.

I have cleared memory cache, deleted file cache, uninstalled GE, reloaded GE v5, uninstalled that, reloaded GE v6, deleted myplaces files, tried DirectX vs OpenGL, turned off atmosphere - and at each session the same KMZ files will crash, but the others are ok.

Some of the problem KMZ files have photos "attached" to each placemark, some KMZ's don't, they are just placemarks. But good KMZ's have photos or not.

I am at a loss and completely frustrated, as some of these files are of our overseas or local holidays with our kids, with comments and a photo at each place, and you just can replicate that again to the same "feel".

I can't upload files within here as there are too large (28 mb).

Any help would be appreciated.

Gerard, Melbourne, Australia