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Thread: Older 45 degree image of Jaycee Dugard's captivity

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    Default Older 45 degree image of Jaycee Dugard's captivity

    I was thinking about Jaycee Dugard again since the news outlets are talking about her suing the government for their gross negligence in her kidnapping case.

    Here's the image I'm talking about.

    Thinking back to working on the 45 degree imagery, I wasn't sure that I took the time to look at the house in much detail before. I went back and saw immediately that the east camera is much older than the other angles. You can still see the trampoline and other things in the back that the police removed fairly quickly. You can also see the van in the driveway, which I believe was also removed fairly quickly given the amount of physical evidence it contained.

    It looks to me as though this image was from a time when she was still held at the Garrido house.
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