Hi All,

Briefly - Our comapny writes surveying software for land Surveyors and topographical Surveyors in the Southern African region. We have about 3,000 Surveyors currently using our software.

Up to now (Versions 5.* and 6.0), we have been able to generate KLM files in our software that send various types of data to the Google Earth display. This is a very useful function, as the Surveyors are able to send their survey data (cadastral data, DTMs, contours etc.) to their clients in KLM files and then the clients are able to view these data on the GE surface, which is more informative than just looking at data on a blank piece of paper.

On Monday I upgraded my GE to Version 6.1 (beta) and to my horror I discovered that the KLM files containing contours would not display on GE. GE just showed a few horizontal lines somewhere near the equator (we are in South Africa!) and that's it. Other files seem to be OK. I then removed GE 6.1 and re-installed GE 6.0 and the contour KLM displays perfectly.

What I need to know is - has there been some deliberate change in GE with Ver 6.1 that prevents the KLM from displaying, or has Ver 6.1 got a "bug"?

Has anyone else expierenced KML problems in Version 6.1? I have attached a simple sample KML file of contours, if someone would like to have alook at the problem.


Keith W. Young