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Thread: Google Earth Flight Simulator Mod Tool

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    Exclamation Google Earth Flight Simulator Mod Tool

    [First post]
    So I finished this application that lets people easily mod google earth's flight sim and lets you pass the 1200 knot mark, you can travel at a max of around 300+ miles per second or 100000+ knots (a serious understatement!) and still remain in control of the aircraft, I wanted to post this in google earth apps but it seems as I can't, if allowed, I'll post it here but I would assume some one would need to revise it and check out its legitimacy, I call the app "Google Earth Hacker".

    It's not perfect but I made some presets so you can just click a few buttons and use the mod right away, I'll post the link to the app if allowed.

    [/first post]
    File is now available and added support for windows 7 as I found out it was not working on that platform and edited the super plane mode because it was too easy to crash google earth. This will only modify the configuration for the F-16 aircraft up to the point where you can travel around the earth in around 30 seconds.

    Also, I have no idea if this works on x64, I do not own any x64 machines so I would not know.

    Warning: You can crash Google Earth Easily using this app if you lose control. If you crash Google Earth, just hit [ALT] + [CTRL] + [DEL] and bring up "taskmanager" and close Google Earth manually.

    If any one has any problems, please advise.

    Features include~

    • A speed and stability Pre-configuration;
    • Keyboard sensitivity modification;
    • Airport Location modifications;
    • Earth atmosphere mod (I.E., go into space);
    • Hud mod.

    In depth~

    App summery
    This app does not modify the "google earth.exe" file in any way, what the application does is change variable settings in various ini like files in "%ProgramFiles%\Google\Google Earth\client\res\flightsim".*Long Story short, this just lets you travel fast to insanely fast, travel into space without wiggling out of control, edit how sensitive keyboard keys are and switch between 2 different huds being the OEM original and a custom one.*
    Targeted Version of Google Earth: 6.1.0.xxxx, but I have noticed over the years and different versions that Google Earth's Flight Simulator configuration files typically never change, but I suspect this app might fail if you have a different version because of the way I have my application change the setting in the files, another reason that it might not work is if you are using an x64 bit system, otherwise I have no idea, it would help if some one would submit information to help me make this universal.

    Here is a list of variables that are modified that are more involved with how the aircraft moves around in its virtual environment when a user hits a certain key.

    Power Plant) The thrust power of the aircraft.

    J) This is a variable setting that I found has to do with the aircraft stability at high speeds, I don't understand it much but some of the presets I made seem to work a little.

    B) This setting also seems to be related to aircraft stability, the lower it is, the faster you can go, it seems to be related to air density.

    C_bar) Just like "B" it seems to be related to air density, the lower the better.

    Yaw) Default is 0.0015, also seems to be related to stability! Set it to "0" if you just want to go really fast.

    Planet Tab
    Long story short, the planet tab has a slider that allows you to set how far off into space we can travel, set it to the max so you can travel way out to no where.

    Airport Tab
    The airport tab will allow you to add/remove airports to the configuration.

    If you just want to be able to travel real fast right away, click hyper plane.


    Update: I have added a feature to add airport locations and have severely updated many things and fixed a few bugs, I recommend getting this latest version if you already have downloaded the app, I've also done a few things that will make flying in hyper speed quite enjoyable.
    One notable thing will be during acceleration! The plane will seem to buck then using the number pad 9 key when [num lock] is on to accelerate.

    Download - Google Earth Hacker

    Source AutoIt Scripts for the project are included in the download above.

    Here is a video I made for this but the video is outdated.

    Edit: So I just found out about "Virustotal" and decided to scan the file there, to my surprise they have a few AV's that were flagging my little app, and this time they're flagging it as Trojan and Spyware, about 3-6 of them depending on the version of my application.

    I contacted three of the companies and only one of them responded here, but I just can't submit the file again and again on each version so I've just given up with these AV's that are flagging my app since every version I release, I have to contact them to have them stop flagging the app.
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