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Thread: Google boycotts older GE versions ??

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    Exclamation "terrain" layer not working

    edit: it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the version number after all ... after further testing, it seems that enabling "terrain" layer is the problem. It's a pitty that thread titles can't be changed (maybe an admin can?). thank you.

    Hi folks. I have been using GE 4.1 for over 4 years now without any problems, most recently a few days ago. But today, when I started GE and tried to zoom any closer than 500 km altitude, the picture became increasingly blurred (despite indicating that 100% of the required image data is already downloaded). I checked my places in Europe (e.g. Paris), which I know have good resolution.

    I first assumed, that the GE servers might be down. But google maps did work fine and I couldn't find any maintenance warning on the google web page, so I thought something else might be wrong. So I test-installed the current GE version 6.1 and oddly enough the locations I visited were not blurry but had the expected resolution. I cleared the GE disk and memory cache, but that didn't solve the problem.

    Is this done on purpose by Google?
    Who could give that answer?
    Is there anything I could do to keep using my GE 4.1 ?

    Many thanks.

    UPDATE: I just discovered, that the issue is selective. Madrid, Lisbon and Rome are shown normally, but Berlin, Paris and Vienna are completely blurred (and I'm not talking about reasonable differences in resolution, but blurry as in "really-not-existing-on-the-map blurry"). I.e. it's not related to this: ... Khatmandu in 10 km altitude is just a uniformly gray area covering the whole screen.

    UPDATE 2:
    ok, honestly, I have no clue anymore. When I tried GE 6.1 a few hours ago it seemed to run fine, but I just checked Khatmandu and Paris in GE 6.1 I get the same problem. Can anyone please check if you have the same problem? thanks so much.

    UPDATE 3: culprit seems to be "terrain" (see below)
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