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Thread: Iphones in Nevada Desert?

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    Default Iphones in Nevada Desert?

    That's as closely as I can describe this but for real, what is this? It's northwest of Area 51 in Nevada.

    sry,having hard time figuring out how to post the .kmz link

    I'm new here :/

    Here it is in a different link for now...
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    Default It is the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.

    Tonapah Test Range

    Google Maps Tip: In Maps, if you Right-Click and select "What's Here?", you can find out if there is anything known/listed at or near the coordinates you are right clicking on.

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    The specific objects in question (that look like iPhones) appear to be some sort of wastewater treatment system. They look like aeration ponds. Oxygen is added to the water and then the water probably either evaporates or goes into the ground.
    Matt Fox

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