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Thread: Advice Needed Regarding 365-Day Journey

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    Default Advice Needed Regarding 365-Day Journey

    I am about to leave (Jan. 1) on a 365 days motorcycle trek all around the U.S. and Canada. I currently have an iPhone 4s, Motion X-GPS, a Mac Book Pro, and a Canon 5D Mark II. I would like to map my trip and, if possible, add photos and video (beyond the 20 limit with Breadcrumbs).

    I spoke with Garmin and they recommend a 62 or 78 series unit for my GPS tracking...but I wonder if I can accomplish about the same with my iPhone and what I've listed above.

    Are you able to give me some guidance on my options/capabilities using the setup I have listed above? Would the Garmin unit expand my possibilities, efficiency, or reliability?

    Any guidance you can provide me to maximize my use of Google Earth on this adventure would be GREATLY appreciated!


    Dan S. Martin

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    Don't know if your GPS can export gpx files. If so, those can be imported into Google Earth and will show as paths. Then they can be saved as kmz files.

    Or maybe RunKeeper or MapMyRide would work. Both load on your phone and are designed for runners and bicycles. I think RunKeeper's elite version ($20 per year) allows you to take pictures during your run and I believe those pics show up in your activity feed. There's also an option to convert your "run" to a kmz file. I'm attaching a kmz that RunKeeper created.

    RK will suck battery life big time so you would need to have it plugged in on your motorcycle.

    Where is your route going to take you?


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