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Thread: Why is this track invisible in time slider?

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    Default Why is this track invisible in time slider?

    I want to show a flight from Gatwick to Funchal (Madeira) in Google Earth and animate it with the timeslider.

    These are the steps I took:

    1. In GE, used Tools > Add Path to draw the flight as a straight line between two points.
    2. Saved that as a KML.
    3. Opened it in GPS Utility. (Could have done this in another map editing program like Ozi Explorer or even in my text editor.)
    4. Added arbitrary timestamps.
    5. Saved it as a new KML
    6. Opened that in GE.

    But although it animates correctly (the arrow moves), the track remains invisible.

    Anyone know why please?

    I've attached the final KML file.

    EDIT 1: I've also added a screenshot that shows how sometimes the first section of the track does get displayed. Mostly there's nothing, sometimes as in this example, and sometimes an even shorter section. Bizarre! Can anyone reproduce similar results?

    EDIT 2:
    It seems to depend on the zoom level (viewing altitude).

    EDIT 3: A key point seems to be that the track is 'drawn' by GE only when the arrow reaches the end of that section. Except that, the last section never gets drawn in the tests I've done. With many trackpoints close together this is rarely apparent, but with just a few, or the extreme case of just a start and end point, this is obviously an issue.

    My impression so far is that there are bugs in this area. And also that the visibility variation may be similar to the flaw/bug we've discussed before about road names disappearing depending on viewing altitude. It's all very frustrating!

    Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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